Zinneke Parade is looking for volunteers

The Zinneke Parade is looking for volunteers to help or create to/for the next parade in Brussels, on the 21th of may.Zinneke 2016-04-12 08-55-47

The countdown to the new Zinneke Parade is on!

Would you like to participate in this event in an extraordinary way?

Then volunteer to help with the Parade on Saturday, 21st May 2016.

We are looking for people to help provide us with extra support to supervise this great celebratory moment for all Brussels’ citizens.

You’ll be at the heart of the organisation!

If you want to join, we ask you to be available on two meetings (in FR / NL) (3th OR 4th MAY, AND 17th MAY) and of course, you must be available on Saturday, 21th MAY for the Parade!

As a volunteer, your expenses will be covered and you’ll be insured for the day of the Parade.

If you’re interested, send a mail asap to Leila Foulon with the following information: surname, first name, address, contact number, e-mail, date of birth, and t-shirt size (S / M / L / XL).

For more information, call to 02/214 20 21

Do not hesitate to share this information!

We look forward to your participation in the next Parade!

Zinneke is a project that creates opportunities for meeting, collaboration, cooperation and creation, that generates an artistic and social dynamic between residents, associations, schools and artists from… different districts in Brussels and elsewhere. A multitude of artistic projects are developed based on the ideas, suggestions and imagination of the participants in our workshops. The workshops themselves are as much meeting places for people whose paths would never cross in everyday life as havens of creativity where new methods and forms of collective acts of solidarity are forever being reinvented. Every two years, the Parade is the lively, resounding, festive expression of this desire to live and produce original creations together. The theme of the Parade on Saturday the 21th of may is: FRAGIL.

More info on: http://www.zinneke.org/

More than being just one theme amongst many, fragile determines the equilibriums in the world, of the living and of systems. Recognising that fragility is an undeniable grace rather than a fatal weakness allows us to change our perspectives, to rethink interdependencies and and dare to embrace deliberately sensitive ways of life.

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